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Quest Pediatric Therapy provides speech, physical, occupational, and feeding therapy services for children with developmental, behavioral, and sensory delays.

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We all want our children to live their best life. But when developmental delays cause issues with speech, daily activities, or physical movement, it can be overwhelming. Let us help you!

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You want the best for your child, and so do we.

As parents, we dream of hearing our child say, “I love you,” or playing catch with them in the backyard. But when developmental delays present, we fear those dreams may never become real.

At Quest Pediatric Therapy, we believe every single child and parent deserves the opportunity, education, and resources to improve their life, increase independence, and experience the loving support of therapists who care.

We know you want the best for your child, and so do we. Together, we can help your child live life to the fullest.

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Client testimonials

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Staci and the staff are wonderful! My son always gets excited when he sees her. She has played a huge roll in helping my son be where he is at today.

Zoua D.

Great staff and and lots of equipment and tools that my daughter loves always clean and friendly. Very convenient having all 3 of her therapies in 1 bldg.

Tracy T.

Elle has been a wonderful provider for my son Erick with his speech therapy. My son has improved significantly and has been having fun during the process.

Everlino R.

My son LOVES seeing Pranali and I can�t thank her enough for how much she�s already assisted him in such a short time. Jordan did amazing with him as well, the entire staff is amazing honestly!

Bethany G.

It was very friendly and very helpful they make you feel like your someone instead of just a stranger very interactive with the kids would definitely recommend this place

Crystal A.

Quest truly cares. The front staff is so kind. They remember your child after even the first couple visits! They're so sweet and take great care of the kiddos. Thank you so much for all you have done miss Lucy and all you continue to do for my child. You'll never truly know how grateful we are that you put so much thought, care, and attention into our child's care.

Sarah G.

Everyone is just so sweet and extremely helpful, I have been taking my son to see them for a couple of weeks now so he has seen them a total of 3 times, and just in those 3 times I have already seen an improvement, and I love the ideas they give to the parents to try at home, those ideas has helped, Thank You Guys, Yall are truly a blessing...

Sissillia T.

Kaitlyn takes her time with my daughter each session and when she gets upset or uncomfortable with something we take a break (she's 18 months old). It's been a great experience so far!

Stephanie T.

We have been going to Quest pediatrics in moore for a few months and we are now going to the Norman location simply because the drive up to moore was just too much for us after a while. Both locations are absolutely fantastic, Carson at the moore office was terrific with my son and Purvi at the Norman location is just wonderful as well!! They have made life so much easier for us!

Lindsey W.

Quest has been an amazing place to take my kiddos you can tell the staff truly cares. Mrs. Reagan and Mr. Jordan are absolutely amazing and my kids love going to them, they have done an exceptional job of working with both of my kids and we appreciate them so much.

Kaleigh S.

How Quest Can Help

Quest Pediatric Therapy provides speech, physical, occupational, and feeding therapy services for children with developmental, behavioral, and sensory delays.

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