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Quest Pediatric Therapy provides speech, physical, occupational, and feeding therapy services for children with developmental, behavioral, and sensory delays.

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We all want our children to live their best life. But when developmental delays cause issues with speech, daily activities, or physical movement, it can be overwhelming. Let us help you!

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You want the best for your child, and so do we.

As parents, we dream of hearing our child say, “I love you,” or playing catch with them in the backyard. But when developmental delays present, we fear those dreams may never become real.

At Quest Pediatric Therapy, we believe every single child and parent deserves the opportunity, education, and resources to improve their life, increase independence, and experience the loving support of therapists who care.

We know you want the best for your child, and so do we. Together, we can help your child live life to the fullest.

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As far as my experience with my child’s therapy. They are by far the best therapy center we have been to. Staff is always pleasant and professional. I love the strong communication between parents and therapist.

Erica P.

My child has improved greatly thanks to the professionalism, knowledgeable expertise, and patience of Reagan. Quest has so many toys and Reagan uses them and a variety of activities to encourage my son to engage and speak like he's never done before. We're so happy with his improvement and how patient she is with him. She's so smart, always joyful, and prepared. It's been a wonderful experience overall. We're so glad we have therapy here.

Anna S.

Cannot recommend this place enough. From the front desk to the owner, this is a place that truly cares about your child. My kiddo improved so, so much in so many areas here. Liz is amazing, she is so involved and caring. Andrea and Alex are wonderful at what they do. Mindy is beyond kind and helpful. Maddie, Rhonda, and everyone else involved with my child’s growth, cannot thank any of them enough! If you’re looking for pediatric therapy, go here.


My son has been coming here for less than a month & I can already see improvements with him. He is learning how to sign right now & he's doing awesome with it. He's also doing so much better with his running & jumping thanks to PT. The staff is super friendly & the office is very clean. I can't wait to see where we are in 6 months, thank you Quest!

Alexandra M.

We are so thankful for the care that my son has received from both Liz and Kylee. They have gone above and beyond to give our son the tools he needs for success. Every single member of the staff offers so much support and positivity. Definitely recommend Quest!

Kaelyn G.

Quest pediatric therapy is a professional team that makes you and your little one feel like you are part of their family. The customer service is amazing as they are very understanding and available at all times. The therapist listen to your suggestions and concerns and work with your kiddo to the best of their abilities. They certainly help unlock your child’s potential.

Aurora B.

I love the ladies here! The office is very communicative with any changes or things that need addressed (which is so refreshing no matter the kind of medical facility). We have been coming to Quest for a little over a year and he greatly looks forward to “playing” with his speech therapist; she gives fantastic feedback on their sessions and things we can do to help at home. His speech has improved DRAMATICALLY - both sides of the family have commented on how well he’s communicating - I feel like he used to be very reserved with more distant family members bc of his speech but he was quite the social butterfly over the holidays and he had so much fun. Thank you, Quest Pediatric Therapy!

Jessica S.

Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Alex have been amazing with my son for speech and feeding therapy! He has improved so much and I just cannot thank them enough! If you are looking for an amazing Pediatric therapy then look no farther! The therapists and staff and so kind and caring!

Tara F.

Sarah is always so kind, caring, and patient. Improvements continue to happen although it’s a slow process we wouldn’t want it to be anywhere else. Thanks Quest for making this a great experience for my kiddo for the years we have been here.

Megan C.

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Quest Pediatric Therapy provides speech, physical, occupational, and feeding therapy services for children with developmental, behavioral, and sensory delays.

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