Staci and the staff are wonderful! My son always gets excited when he sees her. She has played a huge roll in helping my son be where he is at today.

Zoua D.

Great staff and and lots of equipment and tools that my daughter loves always clean and friendly. Very convenient having all 3 of her therapies in 1 bldg.

Tracy T.

Elle has been a wonderful provider for my son Erick with his speech therapy. My son has improved significantly and has been having fun during the process.

Everlino R.

My son LOVES seeing Pranali and I can�t thank her enough for how much she�s already assisted him in such a short time. Jordan did amazing with him as well, the entire staff is amazing honestly!

Bethany G.

It was very friendly and very helpful they make you feel like your someone instead of just a stranger very interactive with the kids would definitely recommend this place

Crystal A.

Quest truly cares. The front staff is so kind. They remember your child after even the first couple visits! They're so sweet and take great care of the kiddos. Thank you so much for all you have done miss Lucy and all you continue to do for my child. You'll never truly know how grateful we are that you put so much thought, care, and attention into our child's care.

Sarah G.

Everyone is just so sweet and extremely helpful, I have been taking my son to see them for a couple of weeks now so he has seen them a total of 3 times, and just in those 3 times I have already seen an improvement, and I love the ideas they give to the parents to try at home, those ideas has helped, Thank You Guys, Yall are truly a blessing...

Sissillia T.

Kaitlyn takes her time with my daughter each session and when she gets upset or uncomfortable with something we take a break (she's 18 months old). It's been a great experience so far!

Stephanie T.

We have been going to Quest pediatrics in moore for a few months and we are now going to the Norman location simply because the drive up to moore was just too much for us after a while. Both locations are absolutely fantastic, Carson at the moore office was terrific with my son and Purvi at the Norman location is just wonderful as well!! They have made life so much easier for us!

Lindsey W.

Quest has been an amazing place to take my kiddos you can tell the staff truly cares. Mrs. Reagan and Mr. Jordan are absolutely amazing and my kids love going to them, they have done an exceptional job of working with both of my kids and we appreciate them so much.

Kaleigh S.

I love my child's speech and occupational therapist! I have a highly sensitive child that attends Quest therapy and Pranali and Carson handles her extremely well and always is patient with her and comforts her the absolute best they can. And all of the staff there are extremely helpful and so sweet, definitely a 10/10.

Kaylicia H.

Whole staff is friendly and amazing. We had some insurance issues (long story), but they got it all fixed for us and took care of everything. They went above and beyond. As for my son's therapist, Emily, in the Norman office, she is fantastic and extremely patient with our son. She also makes it super fun for him and has been accommodating to his sensory issues, Aspergers and ADHD. Definitely recommend this place!

Dottie S.

Great place very friendly lots of toys and things to work with your child. Very patient and comforting with my daughter. Very patient when she's having an off day or cooperative doing her therapy work great place.

Chris T.

This place is awesome! Very polite, and knew exactly what they were doing. In the past I�ve left places stressed with questions but I trusted they had everything handled. Robin is the best PT ever! She truly cares about her clients and puts her heart in to her work!

Jodi T.

Reagan has been working with my son for about a month and he has shown significant improvement. I am very impressed with Reagan and the staff there. I will continue to bring my son there.

Anthony P.

We went to quest Moore for years. We've recently moved further north and switched locations for our daughter's speech and physical therapy sessions. The process went smoothly and Mia had her first appointment with Robin today. Anytime you have a kiddo with special needs new things are scary but Mia had fun today and is happy to return next week. Amber was also great over the phone making sure we understood everything and could find the office. We can't wait to start speech!

Mckenzie L.

Love this place! My son truly enjoys therapy here. The therapists we have seen have been wonderful and attentive. I can definitely see the progress. Would recommend 100% However, I will say, the only thing is the scheduling and doctor recommendation process, This has given some issues, and attitude with the staff. Annoying and picky, but the overall service is top tier.

Michelle C.

As far as my experience with my child’s therapy. They are by far the best therapy center we have been to. Staff is always pleasant and professional. I love the strong communication between parents and therapist.

Erica P.

My child has improved greatly thanks to the professionalism, knowledgeable expertise, and patience of Reagan. Quest has so many toys and Reagan uses them and a variety of activities to encourage my son to engage and speak like he's never done before. We're so happy with his improvement and how patient she is with him. She's so smart, always joyful, and prepared. It's been a wonderful experience overall. We're so glad we have therapy here.

Anna S.

Cannot recommend this place enough. From the front desk to the owner, this is a place that truly cares about your child. My kiddo improved so, so much in so many areas here. Liz is amazing, she is so involved and caring. Andrea and Alex are wonderful at what they do. Mindy is beyond kind and helpful. Maddie, Rhonda, and everyone else involved with my child’s growth, cannot thank any of them enough! If you’re looking for pediatric therapy, go here.


My son has been coming here for less than a month & I can already see improvements with him. He is learning how to sign right now & he's doing awesome with it. He's also doing so much better with his running & jumping thanks to PT. The staff is super friendly & the office is very clean. I can't wait to see where we are in 6 months, thank you Quest!

Alexandra M.

We are so thankful for the care that my son has received from both Liz and Kylee. They have gone above and beyond to give our son the tools he needs for success. Every single member of the staff offers so much support and positivity. Definitely recommend Quest!

Kaelyn G.

Quest pediatric therapy is a professional team that makes you and your little one feel like you are part of their family. The customer service is amazing as they are very understanding and available at all times. The therapist listen to your suggestions and concerns and work with your kiddo to the best of their abilities. They certainly help unlock your child’s potential.

Aurora B.

I love the ladies here! The office is very communicative with any changes or things that need addressed (which is so refreshing no matter the kind of medical facility). We have been coming to Quest for a little over a year and he greatly looks forward to “playing” with his speech therapist; she gives fantastic feedback on their sessions and things we can do to help at home. His speech has improved DRAMATICALLY - both sides of the family have commented on how well he’s communicating - I feel like he used to be very reserved with more distant family members bc of his speech but he was quite the social butterfly over the holidays and he had so much fun. Thank you, Quest Pediatric Therapy!

Jessica S.

Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Alex have been amazing with my son for speech and feeding therapy! He has improved so much and I just cannot thank them enough! If you are looking for an amazing Pediatric therapy then look no farther! The therapists and staff and so kind and caring!

Tara F.

Sarah is always so kind, caring, and patient. Improvements continue to happen although it’s a slow process we wouldn’t want it to be anywhere else. Thanks Quest for making this a great experience for my kiddo for the years we have been here.

Megan C.

This place is absolutely amazing and the staff is spectacular

Tamara F.

Very professional/ timely with services!

Kesha P.

Quest Pediatric Therapy has been a blessing to my family.

Jacquelyn B.

Emily wastes no time and is a very pleasant expert to work with.

Sherry K.

My son love's Mr. Jordan!

Mariela R.

Wonderful people. They are always trying to find ways to help. My son love's going every time.

Christen P.

Really dedicated staff! I would highly recommend to anyone.

Tee F.

We love Quest therapy! Emily is such a wonderful therapist!

Letha W.

Kind, professional, and helpful. We look forward to our time with Amberlee!

Amber W.

They are very friendly and they make you feel good about the accomplishment your child does. I will definitely recommend this place.

Debbi I.

Allison and Reagan are amazing. My daughter loves going to her appointments to work with them.

Jennifer W.

I was so nervous being our first time, but the front desk and Alex made us feel so welcome and we are soo excited.

Analisa F.

Robin is an amazing Physical therapist. She is very communicative and really enjoys working with our girl!

Shelby G.

Emily was very patient with my child and took her time getting to know my family and I to better assist us.

Venezia E.

I love Amber. She's professional, calm, gentle, and VERY patient. She's been a big help in learning how to guide my autistic 3yo son.

Alorra B.

We love Ms. Purvi! She has been so patient, informative, and kind to my family. Thankful for her and the rest of the staff at Quest.

Tristyn K.

Staci is amazing with my son and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a physical therapist!

Emily S.

Super friendly staff and very nice facility. They make pt fun for kids. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate my schedule if something changes at work.

Kristen R.

At Quest Pediatric The lady are really nice & friendly everyone is very professional & knows how to have fun with the kids to teach & learn them wonderful skills they will have to use their whole life. My son was in this program for 6 months before he decided he just didn't want to go anymore, I did leave it up to him because he is older. I wish he stayed in it. This is a wonderful program & facility. Thank you ladies

Angela R.

My son been going there this year. He absolutely loves it. He spends the day talking about his appointment. Everyone I meet so far are super friendly. I'm glad he goes some where I can see improvements. Thank you for helping him.

Jennifer w.

Absolutely love the staff at Quest pediatric Therapy! They are so caring, strong, and patient with my little one and myself! They push my little to want to improve and help him with his independence and strength.

Sheila W.

Thanks for always being flexible, accommodating, and understanding as you have guided us on our OT and PT journey with our daughter. You rock!

Rachel G.

My son loved coming to OT, and we saw improvements during every session! Liz and her team are the best! I can't recommend them enough!

Libby L.